QV Sheets – Highlights

This app is created for enterprise cloud-based software as a
service (SAAS) and designed to support municipalities and contractors of all sizes.  Our goal was to bridge the gap
that other very expensive software manages less effectively and more expensively.  It also needed to connect the field easily and seamlessly with home office.  We accomplish this via the cloud and real-time processing.  Our sophisticated and rigorous security model carefully manages customer space to prevent intermingled data for customers and hacking.  Our access control method allows for super-flexible management of what users can see and
how they work.

 A summary view of our QV Sheets app begins with an Awarded Contract for a public works project.  We allow for easy and fast contract profile setup and then the administrator can swiftly import contract details directly
from spreadsheets (CSV) or SDF files to allow for simple and fast setup of everything needed to preformat contractor profiles, inspector profiles, crews and it’s all managed from an Administrator’s portal. The administrator of the software can load unlimited numbers of contracts and each contract can have unlimited projects.  Contracts are made up of projects, which are made up of product deliverables which allow for Quantity Verification (QV) sheets to be created interactively by crew teams, along the way every day.  QV Sheets automatically calculate percent completion against the contract.  Imagine balancing to the contract administrator where your numbers match theirs. Then the pay App is simple. 


·       The daily process is real-time and offers quick view of details and projects, QVs per project, QV status, Crew and Inspector notes, Rejected QVs and Approved QVs.

·       Each user has a Dashboard and can quickly view their
tasks – Completed, Approved, Rejected, Drafted (being updated), and easily add new tasks.

·       Work completed is agreed upon by both parties along-the-way so no need to true-up discrepancies at the end of month.

·       View work progress as it happens and all data is stored in the cloud, and available to everyone in real-time.

·       Complete historical archive with analytics and quick view of the history of any project, including completed work.

·       Quick lookup by QV # or Project #.  Each record is numbered automatically and searchable for easy reference. No more pre-numbered forms.

·       Work effectively from any smart-phone, tablet,
laptop or desktop. QV Sheets supports all web-enabled devices.