Powerful Project Execution Tracking

QV Sheets offers Realtime tracking of daily's

QV Sheets offers Realtime tracking of daily's

Manage Project Execution

View field activity real-time from anywhere !

Effortlessly access project work by your crews in the field as it is being completed. Quickly execute Change Orders and immediately everyone on a project sees it.

Access project results immediately as work completes

We collect data in real-time, including photos, and quantities completed allowing for full transparency and accountability. All mobile capable!

Make improvements - quick & easy access to all project history.

Review archived project history anytime and even provide read-only access to key oversight personnel.

Key Benefits

Collaboration on completed work

> Work completed is agreed by both parties along-the-way > Real-time communication on project activity > Keep track of work progress as it happens

All Contract history available in moments

> Data is stored securely in the enterprise cloud > Historical archives provide full analytics > View history of project progress quickly and easily

Works on any web-enabled device

> Work effectively from a smart-phone, tablet, laptop or desktop > Supports all web-enabled devices

Key Features

Crew leads easily track quantities completed

Crew Leads track quantities completed, document with notes and take photos of the job site, tickets, etc. and submit to inspectors

Simple Inspector tools to approve/reject

Inspectors write their own notes, capture their own photos and Approve or Reject submissions… they cannot edit what the Crew Leads entered

Managers view in-process jobs effortlessly

Contractor Managers view all jobs in-process, and edit or submit on behalf of Crew Leads

Owners oversee project scope to payment

Owners document project scope, view all QV Sheets in-progress, and export completed quantities for payment processing

How It Looks

The Quantity Value Sheets app runs on your office computer, your tablet with wifi enabled and your mobile smart telephone.
How is QV Sheets better?
How is QV Sheets better?
How is QV Sheets better?

How is QV Sheets better?

This describes the features of the QV Sheets app

  • Real-time data from the field as activities are posted by your crew or inspectors. No more forms or paperwork. The contract is loaded, then projects within the contract are loaded. Next a product list with quantities and measurements are loaded. From that point QV Sheets provides all the tools.

  • Cloud-based secure data vault for advanced analytics and long term archiving

  • Compatible with any internet connected device. (Android, Apple, Chrome, etc.). Ready to go accessing features of the device for photos and notes on you QVs.

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